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In Belgium, a vehicle registration in the LEZ zones is mandatory for foreigners!

With Green-Zones, use our information service and registration support.

When entering a Belgian LEZ, it is compulsory to register foreign vehicles

The orange Registration Certificate (REG-Certificate) developed by Green-Zones confirms to the buyer that Green-Zones has processed the legally required registration of his vehicle for a specific environmental zone in Belgium.

In Belgian environmental zones, the registration of all foreign vehicles is mandatory before entering an environmental zone (Low Emission Zone LEZ).

Green-Zones offers a platform with all the necessary information on current and planned Belgian LEZ environmental zones. We take care of all registration processes for you and, if necessary, provide you with the respective environmental ticket or day pass. The service also includes the delivery of an orange registration certificate for a Belgian environmental zone developed by Green-Zones. The registration certificate (REG-Certificate) developed by Green-Zones is not an official badge/vignette.

Since each city or municipality/region has very different regulations for its environmental zones, the respective registration mostly has to be done separately. Due to the diverse regulations and specifications for the EURO emission standards in the respective city/municipality and their LEZ, different entry restrictions for different vehicle types can be applied to the multiple LEZ zones in Belgium.

Due to the different regulations and requirements for the EURO classes in each city/municipality and in their LEZ, different driving bans can be imposed on different vehicle types in different LEZ environmental zones in Belgium.
Moreover, since registration is carried out separately for each LEZ and it cannot be transferred, and since environmental tickets/daily passes are valid only in the corresponding LEZ and are not subject to the same rules in each LEZ, foreign vehicles in the Belgian environmental zones could face high fines in case of non-compliance with these rules.

From 01.02.2017, a LEZ (Low Emission Zone) is introduced in Antwerp, a timely registration for each vehicle type is required for the entry. The LEZ is valid 24 hours a day and 7 days a week and limits many vehicle types and EURO emission standards ...
From 01.01.2018, a new LEZ (Low Emission Zone) is introduced in Brussels, where a timely registration for each vehicle type is required for the entry. The LEZ is valid 24 hours a day and 7 days a week and is restricted to many vehicle types and EURO emission standards ...
The REG-Certificate for Belgian environmental zones
The registration certificate (REG-Certificate) for European environmental zones developed by Green-Zones is a confirmation for the buyer that Green-Zones has carried out the legally required registration of his vehicle for an environmental zone in Belgium ...
Many questions for the European economic trade and tourism arise from the introduction of the environmental zones in Belgium and the obligation to register vehicles. The most important questions can be found in our FAQs at a glance ...
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The purchase of an environmental badge or the registration for an environmental zone often does not help much. It is also important to know which registration class and badge are currently allowed to enter into which type of environmental zone. Further, real time information services from Green-Zones are available here ...
Nitrogen oxides and particulate matter, mainly produced by diesel vehicles, are the reason why the LEZ (Low Emission Zones) and the registration of the vehicle have been introduced in Belgium. Further information about the effects of nitrogen oxides and particulate matter on health is available here ...
We will offer you an overview of the different types of badges and registrations used by national authorities for issues on particulate matter and nitrogen oxides, as well as on CO2 emissions, electrical and environmental issues. We will provide you with the necessary badges and registrations of the respective European countries ...