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The legal framework in Belgium for the introduction of LEZ

The Region of Flanders
The framework conditions for the introduction of environmental zones in the Flemish region have been set up since the end of 2015.

These are justified by a Decree of 27.11.2015 which came into effect on 01.03.2016. The decree essentially regulates the fact that environmental zones are regional issues and that every Flemish municipality and city has the right to introduce an environmental zone, provided that this is necessary.

On 26.02.2016, a resolution was passed by the Flemish government, containing detailed information about the registration and the collection of different vehicle types and their registration data. The Resolution 2116 came into force on 01.03.2016.

The collection and administration of registered vehicles data is carried out in accordance with Article 5 of the Decree of 27.11.2015 on the basis of the Decree of 18.07.2008 through an electronic administrative data management system.
The data retrieval, the database administration and the access to certain data from the database are carried out in accordance with the law of 08.12.1992 relating to the privacy protection in the processing of personal data and the adoption of 18.07.2008 on the electronic administrative data management system.

The Brussels Region
The framework conditions for the introduction of LEZ environmental zones in the Brussels region have been set up since the beginning of January 2018.

They are based on a decree of 25.01.2018 which came into force on 02.02.2018.
The decree essentially stipulates that a “zone de basses émissions” (LEZ environmental zone) is to be established in the Brussels-Capital Region.

Exemptions for the compulsory environmental ticket (Region of Flanders)

After the registration, you can purchase an environmental ticket (Flemish region) or a daily pass (Brussels region) for some vehicles with old EURO standards in order to enter a Belgian LEZ (Low Emission Zone) environmental zone.
The following vehicles are exempt from the purchase of this ticket:

  • military vehicles
  • vehicles which are intended for the transport of people with disabilities, as specified by the Decree for the Public Service Obligation of 21.12.2012.
  • emergency vehicles such as ambulances, police vehicles, fire brigades, ... (in accordance with Article 37 of the Road Traffic Regulations: vehicles with one or more blue lights and a special siren).
  • mobile cranes in accordance with Article 1, §1.9 of the Royal Decree of 15.03.1968
  • special transports

A comprehensive set of special regulations apply to vehicles of disabled people, provided that the purchase of an environmental ticket would be compulsory for these vehicles due to an older EURO emission standard. However, a registration is sufficient if the vehicle complies with registration class 4.