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LEZ Environmental zones LEZ in Belgium

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Since the end of 2015, the Belgian government has created the framework conditions which enable the cities and municipalities or regions to introduce the environmental zones. This has been done in order to implement the European directives and to respect the EU emission limit values protecting citizens.

The environmental zones in Belgium are called LEZ, which is the English short version for Low Emission Zones. The beginning and end of a LEZ environmental zone is marked by a corresponding traffic sign.
The respective cities and municipalities or regions decide about the introduction of a LEZ on its territory with its corresponding boundaries. The entry is only allowed if the vehicle has been previously registered.
It should be noted that vehicles registered in Belgium are not subject to registration as they are already registered in the national database. Dutch vehicles are also exempt from registration within the Flemish region. Since 2019, Dutch vehicles also no longer have to be registered in the LEZ of Brussels.

Not official additional sign
Not official additional sign

It is only possible to enter the LEZ with clean vehicles. Each city/municipality or regions in Belgium applies its own regulations regarding the EURO emission standards and fuel types. Therefore, a separate registration must be made in each Belgian LEZ.

The control of the registration is carried out by intelligent cameras (Automatic Number Plate Recognition), which match it with a central database of the relevant LEZ.
If the system detects that no registration has been made or no environmental ticket or daily pass has been purchased, a fine of up to 350 Euros will be issued within 10 days.

Here you can order the registration service for the environmental zones in Belgium