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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

Below, you will find the most frequently asked questions about the environmental zones in Belgium and how to order the REG-Certificate.

1-Why do I need various registrations for different environmental zones in Belgium?
The different cities in Belgium have different opinions regarding the vehicles and the types of engines prohibited from entering the LEZ environmental zones, as well as the period of time and duration during which an authorization can be purchased in the city. As a result, each vehicle must be registered separately in each city with its LEZ environmental zone.

2-Why is there a REG-Certificate?
The orange REG-Certificate for Belgian environmental zones is a tool developed by EES European Eco Service GmbH which enables customers to display more easily the complex regulations in the various Belgian cities. Furthermore, the REG-Certificate helps the customer to keep an overview of the Belgian environmental zones and not to re-register his vehicle every time he enters a zone, but only to a legally required date.

3-What is an environmental ticket?
An environmental ticket/day pass is an exemption permit for a vehicle that normally cannot enter a Belgian environmental zone because of its older EURO emission standard. However, for each LEZ, you can purchase a temporary "authorisation”. Therefore, an environmental ticket is a fee-based and time-limited authorisation, which allows you to enter a LEZ. For example, in Brussels the environmental ticket is called “day pass” whereas its name is “LEZ day pass” in Antwerp.

4-Do I need to stick the REG-Certificate to my windshield?
No, because a registration by Green-Zones is completely sufficient to enter the respective environmental zone (Low Emission Zone). However, it is recommended to keep the registration certificate in your vehicle until the expiry date, in order to have the name of the registered zone and the expiry date of the registration at hand, even after a long time.

5-What should I keep in mind when driving a rental car into a Belgian environmental zone?
Rental cars must also be registered. However, if the rental car is registered in Belgium, registration is not mandatory. A particular case is that Dutch rental cars are not required to register in Antwerp.

6-How long is my Belgian REG-certificate valid?
Since the orange REG-Certificate is a tool developed by EES European Eco Service GmbH in order to enable customers to display more easily the complex regulations in the various Belgian cities, the registration certificate itself has no meaning from a legal point of view. However, since this includes the registration service made by Green-Zones and displays the registration validity of his vehicle, the validity is printed on the REG-Certificate.

7-How much does the registration service by Green-Zones cost?
The basic price of the registration service by Green-Zones to one environmental zone (Low Emission Zone) in Belgium is 19,90 euros. The total cost strongly depends on the fuel type and the EURO class of the vehicle, in which city you want to drive and how long you want to stay with this vehicle in the zone.
The following rule applies: the older the vehicle and the longer the duration of the stay, the more expensive is the registration, including the environmental ticket/day pass.
The individual price for the registration is calculated during the order in our shop and is displayed to the customer.

8-How many days before the first entry into a LEZ do I need to register my car with the service provider Green-Zones?
Due to the partial long processing times of the local registration authorities, this should be done 10-12 days before. It is strongly advised not to enter a LEZ without a confirmation of the successful registration.

9-How long is the processing time of a registration service and when do I receive my  REG-Certificate?
The general delivery and processing times of the registration service by Green-Zones are 3-7 working days. The REG-Certificate will be delivered by e-mail in PDF format.
On request, the Express Option 1 can be selected, which guarantees the processing of the registration request on the same working day, provided that the order has been received completely until 1:00 pm CET.

10-Which fines may incur in case of non-registration?
Applies to Flanders/Antwerp: If the vehicle owner has no registration or environmental ticket, a fine of 150 euros applies at a first infringement, 250 euros for the second violation and 350 euros for every further violation within 12 months.
Applies to Brussels Region: If the vehicle owner enters the LEZ without a registration, a fine of 150 euros applies if the vehicle fulfils the criteria of the zone, and a fine of 350 euros applies if it does not fulfil the criteria.
According to the Belgian authorities, the Automatic Number Plate Recognition Cameras (ANPR) have a clearance rate of over 90%. For this reason, the previous registration is highly recommended.

11-Can I submit a complaint after receiving a fine?
Yes, if you have received a fine, you may submit a complaint if you do not agree. For this purpose, the complaint form attached to the fine must be filled in. The form must be then sent by registered letter to the original municipality or region. The complaint must be submitted within 30 days from the dispatch date.

12-I have placed an online order without uploading my vehicle registration certificate. Where should I send it now?
Please send the copy of your vehicle registration certificate with your order number by e-mail or by fax to the following number: +49 (0) 30-398 87 21 29 or to the following postal address: EES European Eco Service GmbH, Helmholtzstraße 2-9, 10587 Berlin, Germany

13-As a motorcyclist or a quad driver, do I also have to register in Flanders/Antwerp?
No. Currently, only the vehicle types T1-T4, N1, N2 and N3 (trucks) and cars/buses/ caravan (M1, M2, M3) are obliged to register. Light vehicles (L-Class) such as motorcycles, quads and tricycles, are exempt from the obligation of registration. They cannot register anyway.

14-What is the Green-Zones app?
The Green-Zones app - available for smartphones and tablets, both for Android and iOS, as well as a web app on all Green-Zones websites - gives the user a real-time overview of the current entry permissions in all environmental zones and restrictions for diesel vehicles in Europe. The reason for this is that the already existing badges on the vehicle lose, in many cases, their validity during temporary, mostly weather-related traffic restrictions of the environmental zone. This can avoid high fines and driving bans, and allows to bypass the environmental zones by using GIS maps with zoom functions.

15-What advantages do I have as a company with a larger fleet of vehicles if I order at Green-Zones?
As a company, you can place orders with more than 50 registrations for different countries by sending us an E-Mail with an Excel list as well as the vehicle registration certificates of up to 15MB in size. In addition, you can receive collective invoices and speak to our customer service representatives in up to 10 languages, or ask to check your order status or place urgent orders by telephone.