Registration check and fines

In Belgium, the check of an authorised entry in a LEZ environmental zone (Low Emission Zone) is not only carried out by the police but, above all, by intelligent cameras (Automatic Number Plate Recognition = ANPR).
These fixed and mobile cameras capture each vehicle registration number and match it with a central database. If a vehicle owner has not made the registration before or has not purchased an environmental ticket, due to an unauthorized registration class, he will receive a fine from 150 Euro to 350 Euro per post. Repeated offences may result in higher fines.

In case of an infringement, the vehicle owner will first receive a report stating the facts established by the competent authorities. Thereafter, he will receive the fine by registered letter.

In case of foreign vehicles, the notification of a fine may take a little longer because the vehicle owner’s data have to be compared with other European databases. However, all fines from the Belgian LEZ environmental zones will be imposed within the EU since they are higher than the set EU threshold of 80 Euro and, therefore, according to the most recent EU law, will be pursued in all European countries.