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The registration rules for Brussels

The Brussels Region has decided that extremely polluting vehicles no longer have access to the LEZ environmental zone from 2018 and are therefore excluded from circulation.
Only in exceptional cases they can get an special admission by the purchase of a daily environmental ticket to enter the LEZ.
This applies first to the old diesel vehicles of the EURO emission standards 0,1 and 2 and petrol vehicles EURO 0-1.

All vehicles which meet the following entry requirements (with or without the payment of an additional charge for the environmental ticket), are allowed to enter the LEZ of Brussels.
Vehicles registered in Belgium are not subject to registration because they are already registered in the national database. Registration is also not necessary for vehicles registered in the Netherlands. For vintage cars registered in Belgium and over 30 years old, registration is not required either.

LEZ of Brussels in 2020-2021

Registration class 4 – entry without an environmental ticket
The registration class 4 includes petrol vehicles, LPG vehicles or natural gas vehicles with Euro emission standards 2-6 as well as diesel vehicles with Euro emission standards 4-6.

Registration class 2 – entry with only one daily ticket
The registration class 2 includes petrol vehicles, LPG vehicles or natural gas vehicles with Euro emission standards 0-1 as well as diesel vehicles with Euro emission standards 0-3.

The registration certificate (REG-Certificate) developed by Green-Zones is not an official badge/vignette.

Ordering a REG-Certificate for the LEZ in Brussels

The LEZ Brussels entered into force on 01.01.2018. A registration was possible since the end of July 2018.
Since 01.10.2018, a fine of 150 euros is imposed for non-registration. Non-compliance with the access criteria of the LEZ results in a fine of 350 euros.

Daily pass LEZ of Brussels

A REG-Certificate is first of all a registration of a vehicle which enables to enter a LEZ Low Emission Zone.
A distinction is then made as to whether it is a registered entry with or without the purchase of an additional environmental ticket/day pass. An environmental ticket can be purchased by paying an additional charge and can either be issued for different periods of time or only for one day.
In this respect:

  • REG-Certificate: Registration of entry only
  • REG-Certificate: Registration of the entry plus environmental ticket for different selectable periods of time
  • REG-Certificate: Registration of entry plus environmental ticket only as day ticket/daily pass

Who is allowed to enter the zone and when?

In the following table you can see which vehicle type with which EURO class and fuel type is allowed to enter and until when.