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The registration rules for Ghent

All vehicles which meet the following entry requirements for the period of 2020 until 2024, are allowed to enter the LEZ of Ghent.

LEZ Ghent in 2020-2024

Entry without an environmental ticket but with a registration
For petrol vehicles, LPG vehicles or natural gas vehicles with Euro emission standards 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 as well as diesel vehicles with Euro emission standards 5-6.

Also included are agricultural vehicles with an emission standard Phase IIIa, IIIb and IV (categories T1-T4), electric vehicles, hydrogen-powered vehicles and plug-in hybrid vehicles with maximum CO2 emissions of up to 50 g / km.

Entry with an environmental ticket
For diesel vehicles with the Euro emission standard 4 and vintage vehicles older than 40 years.

Environmental tickets LEZ of Ghent in 2020-2024

A REG-Certificate is first of all a registration of a vehicle which enables to enter a LEZ Low Emission Zone.
A distinction is then made as to whether it is a registered entry with or without the purchase of an additional environmental ticket/day pass. An environmental ticket can be purchased by paying an additional charge and can either be issued for different periods of time or only for one day.
In this respect:

  • REG-Certificate: Registration of entry only
  • REG-Certificate: Registration of the entry plus environmental ticket for different selectable periods of time
  • REG-Certificate: Registration of entry plus environmental ticket only as day ticket/daily pass

Who is allowed to enter the zone and when?

In the following table you can see which vehicle type with which EURO class and fuel type is allowed to enter and until when.